Tim Bulk is the chief technical officer of The SAS Family of Companies: Special Aerospace Services (SAS) and SAS Manufacturing, and President of SAS international. He is also co-founder of the Who Dreams Wins Foundation.

Mr. Bulk oversees the technical strategic direction and objectives of these Colorado-based aerospace companies. With roughly 80 employees across the United States, the SAS Family of Companies engages in life cycle relationships with clients in aerospace, aviation, defense, and energy, providing critical guidance, tactical engineering, precision manufacturing and assembly, and procurement of mission essential hardware.

Since co-founding SAS in Boulder, Colorado, in 2007 as a Certified 8(a) Woman-Owned engineering services, systems and solution business, Mr. Bulk has managed the company’s research and development and client portfolio while expanding its footprint by building new business ventures. Today, SAS is a leader in delivering innovative systems engineering solutions to the aerospace industry, emerging commercial spaceflight sector, and U.S. government agencies, including the Department of Defense.

Recognizing the need for custom manufacturing and rapid prototyping in the aerospace and aviation sectors, Mr. Bulk cofounded SAS Flight Factory, previously SAS Manufacturing, in 2015. Based in Arvada, Colorado, this firm is an AS9100D/ISO9001 certified precision manufacturing company, specializing in design, machining, prototyping, 3D printing and additive manufacturing. It now serves clients in aerospace, defense and a variety of commercial industries.

Mr. Bulk and his family created the Who Dreams Wins (WDW) Foundation, fostering STEM education and providing scholarships, technology, training and tools to those in need. A primary focus of the WDW Foundation is helping underprivileged women pursue careers in the STEM fields. Additionally, the WDW Foundation supplies technology and resources globally. Adding international distressed regions through its Special Missions. The WDW team of volunteers has successfully built a school, community center, and hydro-plant in Nepal, and recently completed a rehabilitation effort on an island in the British Virgin Islands damaged by Hurricane Maria.

Prior to co-founding SAS, Mr. Bulk was employed by NASA at the Johnson Space Center as a Deputy Program Manager with NASA’s Commercial Crew & Cargo Program Office. He also worked at NASA’s Launch Services Program at Kennedy Space Center as a Project Systems Engineer responsible for Atlas V Launch Vehicle Certification. In addition, Mr. Bulk served as a Lead Project Engineer on the Orbital Space Plane Program, and as an Integration Engineer for a variety of large science missions (GOES, TDRS, MRO, Pluto New Horizons) and secondary missions. Prior to joining NASA, Mr. Bulk was employed by Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company as a Propulsion Systems Engineer on the RD-180 engine program, part of the successful development team on the Atlas III and Atlas V launch systems.

Mr. Bulk holds a degree in Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering from Ohio State University, and a Masters Degree in Space Systems Engineering from the Florida Institute of Technology.

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