Tactical Engineering

Our tactical engineering services are performed by small teams doing great things. SAS can bring in teams of experienced engineers to assist developers in solving their most difficult problems. First, we provide strategic support and then follow with tactical expertise to implement the vision. The key focus of our tactical engineering groups is analysis, design and systems engineering for space and aviation programs.

Research and Development

We are actively engaged in R&D projects for our clients and internal projects related to developing new intellectual property. Whether doing a feasibility study or creating a fast prototype of a new spacecraft or aircraft part, SAS has the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to quickly bring new concepts to reality.

Strategic Services

SAS forms independent review teams comprised of subject matter experts in the areas of space, aviation and defense to perform assessments related to proposal development and program reviews. We have provided review teams to major companies and U.S. government agencies that seek expertise from independent third parties. SAS has helped clients win over $5 billion in new aerospace development programs and assisted our government clients in identifying new technology and performance gaps in existing systems.

USAF Fighter


SAS offers in-house capabilities to create software code that performs in depth systems analysis and modeling in support of strategic engineering, special studies and tactical engineering related to aviation and space programs. We have developed tailored software codes for special performance analysis, aerodynamics, design verification, and range safety.

Hardware Procurement

SAS created the Go for Launch™ service where we manage the procurement of new systems or hardware for large contractors and add value to the process. In the case of hardware, we handle product assurance and actual delivery of the part to the integration site. If necessary, we will manufacture the part at our own machining facility. In the past, we have procured entire launch systems for government clients.

Rapid Prototyping

Frustrated by the time it took third-party manufacturers to create prototypes for our tactical engineering group, SAS purchased an established aerospace manufacturing company in nearby Englewood, Colorado, and established a wholly owned subsidiary called SAS Manufacturing, now SAS Flight Factory. We have equipped the facility with the latest 3D printers and milling machines and developed seamless workflows between our engineers and manufacturing teams to go from concept to prototype in less than a week, sometimes in just a day.

SAS Flight Factory

SAS is the parent company of SAS Flight Factory, a custom state-of-the-art manufacturing and test facility located here in Colorado. The facility has received AS9100 and ISO9000 certifications and has been equipped with the latest 3D printers, lathes and milling apparatus, including two 5-axis computerized numerical control (CNC) devices. These machines can fabricate complex metal parts for aircraft and spacecraft, as well as industrial components. Our shop specializes in short-run manufacturing of one to one thousand parts. The manufacturing side of the business is fully integrated with our tactical engineers at SAS to take a client’s concept and create a prototype in less than a week.

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SAS Flight Factory

Language and Logistics

The aerospace industry is becoming increasingly international in nature, and as a result, communication among people of many different nationalities is crucial. To meet these emerging needs and to lift barriers that may stand in the way of cross-cultural cooperation, SAS provides Interpretation, Translation, Logistics and Management services tailored to the requirements of space and aviation programs.

Our team combines foreign language skills and cultural savvy with the technical experience of working with NASA, DoD and other organizations. We have carried out technical translation and interpretation for programs related to the International Space Station, commercial cargo and international aerospace development projects. Throughout any assignment, the SAS team adheres to the highest standards of ethics and discretion.


International collaboration and partnerships are the keys to success in the space industry today. With this in mind, SAS formed SAS International LLC to provide aerospace systems engineering solutions to space programs worldwide. Members of the SAS International team have more than 20 years of experience working with partners in Russian Federation, Ukraine, India and the European Union. This team is poised to face the challenges of an increasingly global spaceflight and aerospace industry community.