SAS is an established leader in the field of Spaceflight Safety™. We have developed or adopted safety processes that have proven successful in aerospace design, production and operations. Our team of experts has streamlined the navigation of critical risks in aerospace technology including spaceflight certification and human spaceflight missions. SAS provides cost-effective system safety analysis, hazard analysis, software assurance and flight certification support for space and aviation clients. SAS also develops live and online seminars tailored to client needs, offering critical interaction and proven techniques for the client to use in ensuring the safety of their next mission.

Accident Investigation

SAS is world renowned for assembling independent review teams to investigate the causes of spacecraft failures. Members of our teams have participated in accident reviews related to Antares, Soyuz, Proton and other launch vehicle failures. In many cases, our teams have actively assisted organizations with return-to-flight activities following the accident investigations.

Systems Engineering

SAS takes a tactical approach to systems engineering with a cradle-to-grave process tailored to the best practices in engineering. In many cases, we provide experienced engineers to assist aerospace clients with their applied systems engineering projects. We believe good engineering can achieve safe and reliable systems.

Full Lifecycle Flight Factory

SAS is the parent company of SAS Flight Factory, a custom state-of-the-art manufacturing and test facility located here in Colorado. The facility has received AS9100D and ISO9000 certifications and has been equipped with the latest 3D printers, lathes and milling apparatus, including a 5-axis computerized numerical control (CNC) device. This machine is able to fabricate complex metal parts for aircraft and spacecraft, as well as industrial components. Our shop specializes in short-run manufacturing of one to 1000 parts. The manufacturing side of the business is fully integrated with our tactical engineers at SAS to take a client’s concept and create a prototype in less than a week.

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Energetics and Propulsion technologies are a major area of focus and investment for SAS. We are actively developing new intellectual property related to solid and liquid propellant systems for spacecraft and launch vehicles. Our activities span specialty research, testing and safety support.

International Programs

Through our SAS International division, we provide aerospace systems engineering solutions for international space programs. With over 20 years of experience working with partners in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, India and the European Union, SAS International is poised to face the challenges of an increasingly global spaceflight and aerospace industry community. With our unique experience in many countries and in-house subject matter experts, we can cost effectively support complex international development programs and provide technical due diligence to ensure their success.

Special Studies

SAS has performed special investigations for NASA, DTRA, DARPA, and the U.S. Air Force. Studies include assessments on foreign aerospace technology developments, human spaceflight, alternative UAVs, air & space safety, small launch vehicle assessments, mission assurance, and launch vehicle certification.