SAS Manufacturing has vertically integrated as SAS Flight Factory™ to address the critical and immediate needs of our clients.

As an AS9100D certified company, we are known for high standards of quality, excellence and on time delivery. SAS Flight Factory provides rapid prototyping to production and testing capability. Advanced Manufacturing, including additive manufacturing, bridges the gap between the R&D, prototyping and production. Through our proven services and analysis, SAS provides time-critical solutions to our client’s most demanding schedules, mission critical programs, high-quality parts and precision components, and new business opportunity strategies. Our team consists of highly qualified, industry experts and engineers, machine operators, programmers and quality assurance professionals. We believe that getting it right means incorporating all of the tactics and components of risk into a robust and successful process.

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Design for Manufacturing

Our facility specializes in design for manufacturing optimization. SAS Flight Factory has developed seamless workflow between our engineers and manufacturing teams for rapid on-time delivery. SAS Flight Factory's manufacturing design is fully integrated with our tactical engineers at SAS to take a client’s concept and create a prototype in less than a week.

  • Complete CAD/CAM Design
  • Specialized Hardware Design
  • Utilization of Advanced ERP Systems
  • NX, Solidworks, Ansys

Production and Prototype

SAS Flight Factory has received AS9100 and ISO9000 certifications and is equipped with the latest 3D printers, lathes and milling apparatus, including 5-axis computerized numerical control (CNC) device. Highlights include:

  • Designated 3D-Printing Area
  • Complete CAD/CAM Design Capabilities
  • Specialized Hardware Design and Development
  • Complete In-House Quality Control in accordance with AS9100
  • Competitive Product Pricing
  • Implementation of Cost Saving Processes


New Wire EDM machining cell

SAS Flight Factory has invested in a Mitsubishi MV2400-S Wire EDM machine as part of a new Wire EDM machining cell to boost its production and prototyping capabilities. Wire EDM machines are highly accurate and this new equipment brings a range of benefits to SAS’ clients:

  • High accuracy cutting: It is more accurate than flame cut, laser, or plasma cutting.
  • Cuts complex shapes easily: The wire can create a wide variety of shapes, including intricate contours and holes without needing to heat the material for softening and hardening.
  • No impact: It allows the machining of hard, brittle, and fragile materials without impacts and stresses, meaning less distortion in the cut material.
  • Fast processing: It produces high tolerance parts without burrs or distortion, removing the need for additional processing and finishing of parts after machining.
  • Cost-effectiveness: It produces less waste and without the requirement for additional finishing, it is a one-step process. These productivity gains make it a more cost-effective option for machining projects.

Read the Wire EDM Machine cell one-pager to find out more about the features of this machine.



SAS Flight Factory is capable of precision clean assembly of client components to full systems. Efficient assembly to meet rapid timelines is imperative to our commitment to product excellence and on-time delivery.

  • AS9100 Rev D Assembly
  • Precision Clean
  • Components to Full Systems
  • Secure Facility Capable

New Assembly Area

SAS Flight Factory has created a new assembly area with potential classified capabilities that brings together aerospace engineering, precision manufacturing and assembly in one facility, enhancing its ability to perform classified work.

The dedicated space provides an environment capable of critical aerospace assembly work. The additional 2,500 square foot assembly bay allows for production flow of spacecraft assemblies, launch system components and aircraft subsystems.

The new area is adjacent to SAS Flight Factory’s testing area so that subsystems can be easily tested in the high-pressure test laboratory.

We can do the following work:

  • Spacecraft subsystems
  • Special aircraft systems assembly
  • Launch system components
  • Optical assembly

Benefits of the new assembly area:

  • Assembly - classified-capable: This vertical integration is crucial to ensuring supply chain integrity for our clients when performing national security missions.
  • Streamlined manufacturing process: This gives SAS the ability to perform work faster and in a more cost-effective manner than competitors.
  • Enhanced support of full client lifecycle: SAS provides a full lifecycle of services from strategic advisory and business capture to tactical engineering, systems development, precision manufacturing, and recurring program support. The new assembly area reinforces this commitment to clients.

Read the classified-capable assembly area one-pager to find out more about the features of this classified-capable area.



As a lifecycle facility, our team provides expertise in a variety of system validation and product quality assurance methods.

  • IAT- Initial Acceptance Testing
  • Integrity, Reliability and Traceability
  • Technical Excellence
  • Proof Pressure Testing