Tactical Engineering for Aerospace and Aviation

Special Aerospace Services (SAS) is a tactical engineering company engaged in critical partnerships with private and public sector clients in the aerospace and aviation industries. Our clients include NASA, DoD, and commercial space providers.

Founded in 2007, SAS assembled an experienced and dedicated team of visionaries, systems engineers, scientists, and space operation specialists. This team has expertise in every human spaceflight vehicle, all current U.S. launch systems, and a multitude of foreign launch systems.

With just over 100 employees, SAS has maintained the agility of a small organization ready to support our clients' missions.

As a lifecycle company, we have the teams in place to help our clients win contracts through our Strategic Services group, develop space and avionics systems with our Tactical Engineering experts, create prototypes and specialty components for spacecraft and aircraft at our Manufacturing facility, roll out a fully developed program with our Procurement and Logistics expertise, and bring the deliverable successfully and safely to the launch pad or runway.

SAS is the parent company of SAS Flight Factory, which rebranded from SAS Manufacturing to provide rapid prototyping, precision machining, and component testing/assembly for the aerospace and aviation industries. Together, SAS and SAS Flight Factory have created a seamless workflow for fast design, engineering, and production of unique and short-run parts for aircraft and spacecraft.

We are headquartered in Boulder, CO, with offices strategically located around the nation near many of our client sites in Huntsville AL, San Diego CA, Cape Canaveral FL, and Houston TX.

Internationally, we are positioned to face the challenges of an increasingly global aerospace community. Our executive staff has more than 20 years of experience working with partners in Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the European Union, and India.