SAS Flight Factory Quality Promise

Obviously, without customers, there can be no business. We see our business from the customer’s perspective. In other words, without an effort to understand the customer, we are only able to see our own boundaries. For us to succeed in our business, we know we must apply a more customer centric approach by keeping the customer in mind with everything we do.

SAS Flight Factory has a philosophy of putting much emphasis on the front end of our processes. This is where we can concentrate on understanding our customer needs and be able to deliver what the customer asks for while reducing costly churn and rework and meeting customer requirements.

SAS Flight Factory believes the best approach to meeting our customer expectations and requirements is to follow a robust process at the beginning. It starts with initiating a partnership to ensure we are providing the highest quality products possible. As the diagram illustrates, our approach is very simple. First, we identify all customer requirements and needs. Then, analyze and understand what drives the customer experiences, behaviors and financial returns. Then, we integrate and implement that information in the way we do business by optimizing internal processes, structures and systems. The next step is responding to market dynamics and finally, we must track performance and take corrective action where necessary. It’s really that simple.

To accomplish this approach, we adopted a Customer Intimacy model. As such, we do not strive to outpace the competition on a product basis or operational efficiency. Instead, we focus on differentiating our business on the entire customer experience, by providing a product that the customer ordered, and deliver this product on time with the highest quality possible. Managing the customer experience at SAS Flight Factory is in our company’s mission and goals. We will always work on meeting and exceeding these goals.

The role of Customer Intimacy combined with a focus on quality is to make sure SAS Flight Factory has satisfied loyal customers, which in turn, ultimately leads to a direct impact on the bottom line. Consistently delivering positive experiences establishes relationships. Strong relationships help build loyalty and drive growth. Additional benefits of this model include:

Improved Efficiency

The better we can align our business to deliver what customers want and value, the sooner wasted efforts are eliminated and internal operations become more efficient.


Customers are a key resource for developing new products, insightful features/enhancements and other innovations.

Leading Indicators

Customer attitudes and satisfaction can be leading indicators of other key business metrics. When customer satisfaction decreases, there is a good chance that sales and revenue will be next.

Targeted Action

Pro-actively contacting a customer at the right time and for the right reason can be the difference between a customer and a former customer.

Our goal is to deliver the best product, the best service, and the best value in the industry. Having the AS9100 continual improvement driven quality system, we believe in our team and business partners to deliver what we promise!

SAS Flight Factory Quality

SAS Flight Factory understands that each supplier maintains their own quality system and continuous improvement path, however, there are certain requirements that require compliance regardless of the state of the Supplier’s quality system. All suppliers shall comply with the requirements of SAS Flight Factory's specific Quality Clauses, by reviewing the requirements before accepting and processing a Purchase Order with SAS Flight Factory.

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SAS Flight Factory’s AS9100D Certificate of Registration

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