The space age began more than 50 years ago, driven by the competition and advancement. But the competition has reached its limits. Today, more than 80 nations working together to use data from the International Space Station, international collaboration and partnership has overruled the competition. It is the key to success.

SAS International provides aerospace systems engineering solutions to international space programs. With over 20 years of experience working with international partners in Russia, Ukraine, and the European Union, SAS International is poised to face the challenges of an increasingly global spaceflight and aerospace industry collaboration. SAS international collaborations and partnership provide unique opportunity to exchange ideas and leverage our unique areas of expertise to engage in international development. We have a wide range of experts available to cost effectively support complex international development programs and technical due diligence.

SAS Int'l and the Ukraine-based hardware and aerospace technology companies have worked closely together for over five years to develop strategic marketing and system development concepts for applications in the rapidly growing U.S. space industry market. One such collaboration is SAS developed TALON™ Micro-Upper Stage System utilizing Yuzhnoye's high performance and reliable propulsion technology.

SAS Int'l maintains a close relationship with the Lausanne-based Swiss Space Center, and also provides Strategic and Marketing Support to RUAG Space AB of Zurich, Switzerland. As a result of these partnerships, SAS is highly involved in international technical training and strategic development support.

SAS Int'l brings the international businesses together by supporting through translation, interpretation and business negotiation services, as well as logistics for export and import of technical services and hardware.


International Areas of Expertise

  • Leading Experts in Foreign-developed Propulsion
    System Integration and Development (LOX-Rich
    Staged Combustion, Solid Propellants, Storable
  • Established relationships with design bureaus in Russia and Ukraine
  • Launch Vehicle Systems Development
  • Propulsion Testing Development and Program Evaluation
  • Test and Integration Procedure Development
  • Facilitation of Satellite Processing
  • ITAR and Export Compliance Support
  • International Commercial Human Spaceflight Programs
  • Aerospace Policy and Strategic Planning
  • Advisory Services related to NASA’s Strategic Plans for
    International Support
  • Working with Department of Defense and DoS in Demilitarization
  • Language and Logistics Support Services

The SAS team has an accomplished international business
division, experienced in logistics, strategy, and government
relations. Complementing our considerable technical abilities,
SAS helps its partners understand and reduce program risk in
the context of the national and international environment.

  • International Business Experience in working with the U.S. federal government
    to ensure the fullest ITAR, BIS, FML, EAR, DoD
  • Understanding of the private and government sectors of
    the international aerospace industry
  • Experience working with Indian, Russian, Ukrainian,
    and European aerospace officials
  • International space agency advisory support