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Our products are engineered for rapid deployment, tailored for our clients’ particular needs, and engineered and manufactured to the highest specifications. We bring aerospace and aviation engineering, precision manufacturing, assembly, and testing together in one facility and products to market that are revolutionizing the industry.

Products That Shorten the Critical Path From Conception to Market

From design to manufacturing to enhancement to assembly to testing, SAS’s product line is grounded in our customized strategies, lifecycle analytics, design engineering, precision manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and a supply chain that efficiently becomes your one-stop-shop alternative to get you from the drawing board to a mission-ready profile.

Aerospace Check Valves

Aerospace Check Valves

Scalable and fully AS9100 certified, our product line of aerospace fluid components is tailored to YOUR specifications. In-house production and engineering affords our clients peace of mind and low-risk accessibility to hard-to-find components, efficiently providing a speed-to-market alternative that gets your project done, and done right.

  • Size: ¼” to 1” or more
  • Operating Pressures: 6000 psi or more
  • Crack Pressures: As low as 8 psi

Aerospace Disconnects

Aerospace Disconnects

SAS is your strategic partner, bringing aerospace applications to market faster, more affordably, and without the complication of vertical integration. Everything -- prototyping, engineering, design, manufacturing, assembly, and testing -- is under one roof and supported by a consolidated supply chain makes for unsurpassed efficiency and affordability.

  • Size: ½” to 1” or more
  • Operating Pressures: 5000 psi or more
  • Applications: GN2, He, Air

Camera Case Systems and Specialty Enclosures

SAS is the leader in specialty enclosures for aviation and space applications. We have the most agile prototyping and the lowest rate of production (100/150 units) available on the market, at a fraction of the cost. We also provide commercial off-the-shelf lighting systems along with integrated cameras and option packages.

  • Aerospace and aviation applications
  • Environmental protection
  • Custom design based on application and needs

Camera Case

Camera Case System
  • Material options: Aluminum, plolycarbonate, steel
  • Optional features: LED lighting, hermetically sealed data connections, HDMI or USB cables
  • Compatible with GoPro Hero7

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