SAS Flight Factory vertically integrates precision manufacturing and assembly for critical aerospace work

Arvada, CO (August 17, 2020) – Special Aerospace Services LLC (SAS), a small business specializing in tactical engineering and precision manufacturing, has made new investments in its facilities both to enhance its ability to undertake classified work and help strengthen the aerospace supply chain.

As part of this effort, it has created a new assembly area within its SAS Flight Factory manufacturing capability. This brings aerospace engineering, precision manufacturing, and assembly together in one facility. The company has also invested in a dedicated Wire EDM machining cell, greatly enhancing the company’s existing production and prototyping capabilities.

New assembly area – classified-capable

The new classified-capable space continues SAS’ efforts to vertically integrate its precision manufacturing capability and creates an environment suitable for classified aerospace assembly work. This allows for production flow of spacecraft assemblies, launch system components, aircraft subsystems, and optical assemblies.

The new 2,500 square foot assembly bay brings together the work stations for both mechanical and electrical assemblies, as well as clean room capability. It is adjacent to the SAS Flight Factory testing area so that subsystems can be easily tested in the company’s high-pressure test laboratory.

Wire EDM dedicated cell investment

SAS Flight Factory is also investing in its cell of manufacturing machines, centered around a new Wire EDM machine. The Mitsubishi MV2400-S Wire EDM machine’s repeatable cutting accuracy and its capability to cut both extremely hard and very small work pieces reinforce SAS’ reputation for developing high-quality parts and precision components.

As COVID-19 continues to impact the aerospace industry, these new facilities help ensure that SAS Flight Factory can deliver full lifecycle support for clients, from strategic advisory and business capture to tactical engineering, systems development, precision manufacturing, and recurring program support.

Tim Bulk, Director, SAS Flight Factory, said, “We wanted to increase our investment in integrating vertically in response to multiple clients wanting us to perform manufacturing and assembly work on their most critical systems. Several have asked SAS Flight Factory to perform major assembly of classified subsystems and increase value on various subsystems through analysis, design, and manufacturing. Our investments respond to this demand and will allow our critical clients to access the facility to collaborate and inspect their hardware. We also look forward to being able to perform this work faster and in a more cost-effective manner than our competitors.”

Eric Fanning, CEO, Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), commented, “Ensuring the integrity of the supply chain is essential to our customers and to our country’s security. For critical missions, aerospace companies must know the pedigree of every element of their systems. That is why supply chain management is such a crucial focus for our industry.”

Jay Lindell, Aerospace and Defense Industry Champion, Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, added, “The industry is currently in a state of flux and moves like this one from SAS Flight Factory to vertically integrate its manufacturing and assembly are key to keeping the supply chain strong in Colorado. We are proud to have the nation’s second largest aerospace economy in the state and of the innovative companies like SAS which keep it growing.”

About SAS Flight Factory

SAS Flight Factory (originally SAS Manufacturing) is a subsidiary of Special Aerospace Services LLC (SAS), created to address the critical and immediate needs of our clients. Our services start with specialty design, proceed to prototype, then advanced manufacturing, assembly and testing. Our highly qualified industry experts and engineers pride themselves on the subsystems they assemble and industry partnerships they create.

The 25,000 square foot SAS Flight Factory building includes a dedicated 5 axis mill area, a Wire EDM machine, dedicated warehousing, 3D printing/additive manufacturing area, and classified-capable assembly and packaging areas. As an AS9100D certified company, we are known for high standards of quality control, excellence, and on-time delivery of components and subsystems.