Mr. Jeff Patton is the Director of Spaceflight Safety & System Engineering Services. Mr. Patton's current focus is implementing SAS Spaceflight Safety TM processes for future NASA and Commercial Spaceflight endeavors.

Previously, Mr. Patton served as the Human Spaceflight Certification Manager for the Commercial Crew Program for United Launch Alliance (ULA), where he was responsible for the development of all Human Spaceflight engineering Certification activities. This included the integrated systems analysis and the development of Human Spaceflight Safety products and processes.

For over 15 years Mr. Patton lead Human Rating of Atlas V to include the development of the original approach for the Atlas V and Delta IV launch vehicles to comply with NASA human certification requirements.

Mr. Patton has extensive experience as a Capture Manager for major NASA Programs including, ISS Cargo Resupply Programs (COTS1, COTS2, CRS1, CRS2), and has performed technical integration and programmatic feasibility for 14 Commercial Cargo customers. Mr. Patton served in an identical role for NASA Commercial Crew Program (CCDev 1, CCDev2, CCiCap, CCtCap), performing technical integration and Commercial Business Case development for 9 Commercial Crew customers. Mr. Patton has been actively involved as the NASA human rating requirements evolved from the conceptual phase, to detailed design requirements for the NASA Commercial Crew Program.

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