Kenneth D. Lindas is the Director of Advanced Programs. Ken provides Proposal Management, Program Management and leads a technical team of engineers in conceptual design, hardware design, development test, and space mission analysis.

Mr. Lindas has over 35 years of diverse experience in the aerospace industry and brings a broad range of program management skills from previous management of complex spacecraft systems, launch vehicle development, and critical emergency telecom systems. Mr. Lindas has a passion for space systems and brings an end-to-end understanding of launch vehicle development, spacecraft systems engineering, and hands-on hardware experience. His technical background includes space mission analysis, orbit mechanics, space propulsion design and development, and launch vehicle ascent simulation. Mr. Lindas has previously worked at Ball Aerospace, Motorola, and Martin Marietta.

Past Performance Includes: Space Mission Analysis, Launch Vehicle Performance Optimization, Spacecraft Systems Engineering, Propulsion Analysis and Design, Proposal Management and Program Management.

Mr. Lindas holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma.

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