A Seamless Workflow from Concept to Product

SAS purchased a machine shop in Englewood, Colorado, in 2015 to create a seamless concept-to-product workflow for our Space, Aviation and Defense clients that ensures the rapid development of prototypes and short-run parts.

After investing in new state-of-the-art equipment, we established the machine shop as a wholly owned subsidiary called SAS Manufacturing. Today, it is a 21st Century manufacturing facility capable of meeting the rigorous standards of clients in aerospace, defense, energy and many commercial industries where accuracy and precision are mission critical.

SAS Manufacturing has been awarded AS9100 and ISO9000 certifications and is equipped with the latest in 3D printing, milling and lathing technology. Its centerpiece is the monoBlock 5-axis milling machine from DMG MORE, one of the most precise computerized numerical control (CNC) metal fabrication devices in the world.

The integrated workflow between the SAS tactical engineering team and SAS Manufacturing means we can take a client’s concept through the engineering and design phase to prototype creation in about a week and sometimes a single day. After thorough testing, also performed onsite as requested, short production runs of one to 1000 are completed in a fraction of the time it once took with a third-party machine shop involved.

Key services offered by SAS Manufacturing include:

  • Rapid Prototyping & 3D Printing
  • Design & Precision Machining
  • Assembly & Component Testing

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