Energy: Transferring Vital Safety Procedures from Space Programs

SAS created the Special Energy Services (SES) division to transfer proven safety practices from the aerospace industry to the Energy sector. Combined, the team at SES has more than 100 years of rocketry experience managing the severe, high-risk environment in space – and we use that specialized knowledge of safety, reliability and risk analysis to revolutionize the energy industry.

We are bringing together technology, people and processes to prevent accidents and enhance functionality and streamline processes throughout the Energy industry.

SES believes that safety starts with the following:

  • Design process
  • Good systems engineering
  • Identification of hazards and their control
  • Tracking projects through construction and into operations to remove the possibility of catastrophic events
Organized processes to prevent accidents are the most cost effective solutions available for any industry involved in high risk operations, and we have the expertise to guide your team through these processes. Creating a corporate and management culture that supports safety training is critical to success for businesses where risk and danger are high. Our team will identify when aggressive and lean operations have crossed the line into high-risk situations.