A Decade of Supporting Development and Safety

SAS has worked on major aviation systems relating to fixed-wing, rotor craft and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems over the past decade. Through multiple contracts, we have supported the FAA and other U.S. government agencies in developing improved safety monitoring analysis for UAV, airworthiness and licensing.

We provide lifecycle support to our clients in the aviation industry. As a Strategic Services provider, SAS offers guidance and support to prime contractors helping them understand what the government needs and how to write the proposal. Once the contract has been won, our Tactical Engineering team engages in program development activities ranging from specialty engineering and flight safety to hardware prototyping and system engineering.

As the program moves into the recurring production phase, we can create components and parts at our Manufacturing facility. We can also assist with procurement of parts from other parties, assure their quality and oversee assembly in preparation for deployment.

SAS has extensive experience in both prime and subcontract roles.

Our experience and expertise in the Aviation sector focus on two specific areas:

Aviation Engineering Services

  • System Safety Analysis
  • Flight Certification Support and Requirements
  • Certificate of Airworthiness per DoD and FAA requirements
  • Engineering Assurance: Mission Services
  • Engineering Analysis including Composites
  • Procedures and Checklist Development

Manned/Unmanned Airspace Safety

  • High Altitude ISR Systems
  • Re-entry and Experimental Vehicles
  • Propulsion System Prototyping
  • High Altitude: Hypersonic Research
  • Mil-Std-882 Compliance and Airworthiness
  • Trajectory Analysis
  • Development of Human Interfaces & Simulators


Organized processes to prevent accidents are the most cost effective solutions available for any industry involved in high risk operations, and we have the expertise to guide your team through these processes. Creating a corporate and management culture that supports safety training is critical to success for businesses where risk and danger are high. Our team will identify when aggressive and lean operations have crossed the line into high-risk situations.